Government agents with strong Neanderthals’ gene

I have been surrounded by agents from (Shadow) Government for many years. What I have realized is that many of them have a special feature. They have a little bit ape looking and very primitive cave man looking. I myself categorized them different from ordinary Caucasians. 

Recently, I have found who they are. They have strong gene of Neanderthals! I studied about the information about Neanderthals. Then I’ve found the information that many Europeans mixed with Neanderthals! Even Neanderthals are said to be extinct, but they are not. Their strong gene are in many Europeans! 

Neanderthals have ape looking and very primitive cave people, and they love hunting and killing people and animals. They are cannibals. Still many of people originated from Europe have strong Neanderthals’ genes with thick facial and body hairs. You cannot deny this fact! No wonder the history of Europe is the history of cannibalism.

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