Urban Assault Training by US Army in Downtown LA?

I know what they are doing. I had seen a similar condition just in front of my house in Clearwater, Florida. Secret Reptilian Underground Bases and passages in LA had been cleaned up by Galactic Federation of Light.

I want you to look at the next video showing several hazmat suit guys coming out of building and start walking on a street. Look at them closely! They also have small oxygen tank on their back. This is the key! The scene starts at 3:08.

Look at the oxygen tank on their back.

I saw exactly the same military specialists with oxygen tank went into a CIA owned office building almost next to my house in Clearwater, Florida around 2011 or 2012. There were many police, military guys and agents filled on the parking lot of that suspicious office building where strange spy looking agents were in and out. One agitated female agent screamed at us “What are you looking! Do not look!” But we were on our property, and I had the right to stay and keep looking. Several military specialists with small oxygen tank on their back went into the suspicious covert operation base building. I know they were headed into their secret underground base just under the building.

My conclusion is this is the rescue and recovering operation just after their (=Reptilians’) secret underground base and passages were cleaned up by Direct Energy Weapon with intense high heat beams. Toxic smoke filled their underground base that was why they need hazmat or heat insulation suit to wear with oxygen tank.

I have been contacted by Salusa in Galactic Federation of Light through telepathy communication in 2011. She said “We are going to clean up all the Reptilian Secret Underground Bases. There are so many their underground bases on the Earth. This is going to be a gigantic task.” At that time, I did not know what Reptilian was and how large their secret underground base system on the Earth.

Salusa told me “I want to return to our ship after you finish the mission on the Earth. She said that my mission on the Earth was letting many people as possible know what was going on. But I tell you that my mission is almost over because End Time of 3D Earth is near. Galactic Federation of Light, Ashtar Command’s message said “We will finish the ascension of the Earth by 2020.”

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