Starship presence cover up by Illuminati Government

Government Space Agencies are ordered not to let humanity to see what is really transpiring all around this planet. The reason for this cosmic cover-up is to avoid panic so the powers that were do not lose control of their faithful human servants. Below are the primary ways this cosmic cover-up is being executed.

Starship presence cover-up No.1

iPhone and Android video cameras are monitored and censored all around the planet when you upgrade your phone’s operating system. Back-end is executed that will shut off the video functionality of your phone when you aim it at the sky or when you attempt to film certain scenes. A surround sensor and voice sensor switch is activated when it detects certain camera angles or when it hears certain key words and phrases such as video, sun, sky, film, UFO, clouds, etc… This sounds fairly crazy but we have fully confirmed many recent instances of these occurrences with both Android and iPhones.

Starship presence cover-up No.2

Space Weather Agencies are under reporting or not reporting the intense electron waves that are bombarding the planet. These waves are being intently sent to Planet Earth by benevolent light forces to the physical bodies here for the purpose of activating DNA to the fifth strand. Live feeds have been kept to magnetometers and many primary space weather consoles are hidden in hard to find places or a non-existent now.

Starship presence cover-up No.3

Intense Chemtrail efforts over the last 2 weeks on a planetary basis .

Starship presence cover-up No.4

Social Media censoring UFO Cloudship images. Many of these images will not show automatically now and have a warning posted where the image is normally displayed that says may contain images of the sky, clouds or outdoors. Facebook has been using this feature for a few years, and it rarely was seen. But now it’s popping up everywhere mainly on photos of cloudship photos.

Recent transmissions from Pleiadian guides says “Be assured. We are going to blast through every man-made barrier that keeps us to connecting to and assisting the starseeds and humans on the surface of the planet. Furthermore, guides say we are already making contact with key Earth Alliance ground crew members who are leading the way in helping humanity in their ascension and evolution.

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