West Papua: More than 30 people killed during protest

Reptilian Shape-Shifter caught on camera. Reptilians love violence. During violence, they abduct human youths and children for their consumption.

In this area, cannibalism is still legal among those tribes. There are some cannibal tribes in Papua.

Papua New Guinea ‘cannibal cult’ charged with killing and eating witch doctors


A ‘CANNIBAL cult’ in Papua New Guinea has been accused of murdering seven witch doctors, eating their brains and making soup from their penises.

AUTHORITIES have arrested 29 people accused of being part of a cannibal cult in Papua New Guinea’s jungle interior and charged them with the murders of seven suspected witch doctors, police say.

Madang Police Commander Anthony Wagambie confirmed a report in The National newspaper that said the cult members allegedly ate their victims’ brains raw and made soup from their penises.

“They don’t think they’ve done anything wrong; they admit what they’ve done openly,” Cmdr Wagambie told The Associated Press by telephone.

He said the killers believed that their victims practised “sanguma”, or sorcery, and that they had been extorting money as well as demanding sex from poor villagers for their supernatural services.

By eating witch doctors’ organs, the cult members believed they would attain supernatural powers and literally become bullet-proof, he said.

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