Coronavirus Update

Chinese Government might close the new hospitals only for Coronavirus Infection in the end of this month. Corona Pandemic is getting to the end even though they have 160 new cases per day.

On the contrary, South Korea, Italy, Iran and Germany are getting more Coronavirus infection.

Italy have 41 deaths per day. That’s is more than 32 deaths in China. As you know China is a big country compare with Italy, a small country. China has the total population of 1.4 billion. On the other hand, Italy has only 60 million. Then you can find the Corona Outbreak condition in Italy is really getting bad!

US has ONLY 164 cases and ONLY 6 new cases per day? This is the proof that US Government is manipulating the information so that the number looks low enough. But actual number might be much higher than this. CDC stats on their site shows 46,000 deaths in this Winter because of influenza. But CDC suspects many of deaths might be caused by Corona infection.

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