Bioweapon Coronavirus can suddenly multiply more than 1000 times

Bioweapon COVID-19 can suddenly multiply more than 1000 times, and invade & destroy our body. Toxicity of COVID-19 is extremely high compare with SARS.

Researchers from Institut of Pasteur Say That New Coronavirus Has Rapid Multiplication Capabilities Both In Host And In Culture

The following image shows the cells infected by COVID-19 have been destroyed.

Chinese researchers in Shanghai also have confirmed that the viral load in all infected patients were extremely high indicating  the coronavirus multiplies at very fast rates in the body of the infected.

The isolated viruses continued to be cultured over the weekend of January 25-26, 2020. By the morning of Monday, January 27, the culture had already grown! “We didn’t think that it would grow so quickly,” continues Sylvie Behillil. The rapid growth of the culture may be explained by “the high viral load in the samples,” but also by “the quality of the samples,” adds Vincent Enouf, Deputy Director of the CNR at the Institut Pasteur (The end of quotation).

According to Institut Pasteur, the first symptoms start appear usually after 2~3 days of infection. Those symptoms are typically, headache, muscle aches and tiredness. And then fever and cough start appearing. For around 5~6 days, infected people have about the same symptoms. But after these 6~7 days, (only to small percentage of people with compromised immune system) the symptoms become suddenly very serious. At this point, the most of those people might have to go to ICU.

Why senior people older than 70 years old have much higher chance to get serious condition? The reason is not only they have weak immune system but also they might had been infected some other kind of Coronavirus previously, and their infection to Coronavirus would be 2nd, 3rd, 4th or even 5th time. Many cold virus are kind of Coronavirus. But this COVID-19 is bioweapon created by some biolab such as Bill Gates owned Pirbright Institue. Some study shows patients with previous Coronavirus infection show more serious conditions. Somehow, Coronavirus antibody in those people’s bodies can make them much sicker.

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