Cheyenne Mountain Underground NORAD Command Center has been destroyed by Galactic Federation of Light

Cheyenne Mountain Wildfire happened, and US Military Command Team had gone to Cheyenne Mountain Underground NORAD Command Center at the same time. Do you think this is just coincidence?

Wildfire around Cheyenne Mountain

There is NO coincidence in this world! Everything is meant to happen!

As I mentioned many times, Galactic Federation of Light is right here right now in order to clean up all the military secret underground bases. The people manipulating military are NOT human, but Reptilians. Those Reptilians are subterranean beings who live underground cities and bases. It is natural for them to stay in their underground bunkers.

Galactic Federation of Light has Direct Energy Weapon that can penetrate as deep as those secret underground bases go. Those attacks with Direct Energy Weapons can manifest as wildfires, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, lightnings….

We have seen so many 10km depth quakes. 10km depth quakes are the signature quakes of cleaning-up operations on Reptilian/Military Secret Underground Cities/Bases. Why 10km depth? The answer is those Reptilian Secret Underground Bases can go as deep as 6 mile. 6 mile = a little bit less than 10km. Therefore, it is wise to set Direct Energy Weapon to reach 10km for deep cleaning on Reptilian Secret Underground Base. There were so many 10km depth quakes. It was NOT coincidence!

I bet those US Military Command Reptilians are all dead inside NORAD Command Center in Cheyenne Mountain.

These stupid Military Reptilians can ONLY think about the LOW TECH nuclear attacks. They cannot imagine that Galactic Federation of Light has HIGH TECH Direct Energy Weapons to kill all the Reptilians in the stupid underground bunkers. Those Military Reptilians can be basically trapped inside those underground bunkers, where they themselves created by spending people’s tax money ($ trillions of black budget), and will die miserably (if not yet dead).

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