M6.5 Quake near Boise, Idaho: Reptilian Secret Underground Base has been attacked!


Again, 10km depth quake! 10km depth is the signature depth for Cleaning up Operation on Reptilian Secret Underground City/Base led by Galactic Federation of Light.

Reptilian Secret Underground Base is as deep as 6 miles. If you convert 6 miles to km, you can find 6 miles are about 10km.

The location of epicenter on Google Map


The epicenter is quite close to Boise, the capital city of Idaho. Those national forests are the surface facilities of Reptilian Secret Underground Bases. Government can control those vast land without worrying about people start living there.

About 5 years ago, 2 year old boy suddenly disappeared near the epicenter. His parents strongly believe he was abducted. But a police insisted those parents were the one who knew what happened to that boy. Of course, that police must be a Reptilian covering up their child abductions around those areas with Reptilian Secret Underground Bases.

Reptilians are known to abduct human children and eat.

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