BCG Vaccine (against tuberculosis) is working against Coronavirus?

You must wonder why Japan, the most populated and the most crowded country, has been less affected by Coronavirus Pandemic.

You must wonder why Iran has much more deaths than Iraq even though those countries are next to each other.

Those answer might be able to find by looking at the world map of BCG vaccines enforced by countries.

BCG is the vaccine for tuberculosis (TB).

Let’s go back to the worldwide map of BCG vaccination. Do you realize Iraq has enforced BCG vaccination, but Iran does NOT have?

Then let’s check the Corona infection stats in order to compare Iran and Iraq.

If we compare Total Cases, Iran has 58,226, but Iraq has ONLY 878.

Some Japanese specialist pointed that Iraq has BCG made in Japan. That’s why Iraq has much less Corona cases than Iran where there is NO enforced BCG vaccines.

My conclusion is, somehow, this BCG vaccines are working against this Coronavirus.

I as a Japanese had this BCG, stamp like vaccination. It looks like BCG made in Japan is working really well both in Japan and Iraq!

Next, let’s compare US with Mexico.

Mexico has enforced BCG vaccination, but USA does NOT.

Right now, US is the number 1 country affected by this Coronavirus.

But Mexico does NOT have very many Corona cases even though US and Mexico are next to each other.

Again, we can conclude, somehow, BCG vaccination is working against this Coronavirus.

Nations with Mandatory TB Vaccines Show Fewer Coronavirus Deaths

Countries with mandatory policies to vaccinate against tuberculosis register fewer coronavirus deaths than countries that don’t have those policies, a new study has found.

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