Why African-Americans are more venerable to Coronavirus?

The answer can be find in the following article.

Project: The Anglo-Saxon Mission, Only Whites can survive during Pandemic!


Another factor might be the foods they eat. If I assume that many of African-Americans are struggling economically, they buy food to get more calories rather than nutrition. Poor people have tendency to eat junk foods that are cheap.

Junk food has lots of calories and can give more satisfaction, but junk foods make their bodies acidic. In the acidic condition, viruses, bacteria and some other diseases can thrive.

During this Pandemic, we have to think about “What we eat is what we are”. Food can be poison, and food can be medicine.

It is important to keep our body more alkaline. In the alkaline body condition, viruses, bacteria and some other sickness such as cancer can NOT thrive.

As you know, this Coronavirus can increase thousands by thousands. If your body is acidic, those increasing viruses can fill your body and invade your organs.

I myself, squeeze lemons over food or drinking water. I drink apple cider vinegar with baking soda.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda Drink: Benefits (Daily)

Sugar can fuel virus, bacteria and sickness like cancer. Sugar or sugarish drink & food are also super acidic.

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