Trump failed to take action early enough against Coronavirus. Now he wants to fire Fauci!

US Government knows Corona infection case started in US as early as January 22. This was ONLY 2 days later, China started admitting they had Coronavirus Outbreak. That means US Government has been hiding first Corona case in US for long time!

China had admitted they started having Corona Outbreak on January 20th. 2 days after that, on January 22th, the first case of Coronavirus in US had ALREADY appeared.

That means Trump Administration had known the first Coronavirus Infection Case in US started January 22, but Trump Administration did NOT take action until mid-February!

Trump Administration did NOT even let you know the first Corona infection case started appearing in US on January 22, and kept hiding until February!

Now, CDC TOP scientist, honest Fauci told media “Trump’s response to the Corona Outbreak was too little and too late.”. Trump becomes angry about Fauci, and Trump tweeted “I want to FIRE Fauci!”

Of course, just like CDC officer, Fauci, if we think about “If the Government had taken action much sooner than in February, so many people did NOT need to die in US!” “If the Government had taken action in the mid-January instead of mid-February, those more than 20,000 people did NOT need to die with Coronavirus!”

We really have to realize what kind of STUPID president we have in US! Trump will fire all if people do not obey him.

Trump keeps accusing Chinese Government was not reporting enough nor open enough. But look what Trump Administration did. They kept secret the Corona infection cases in US until February! They did NOT take action until mid February. Which Government has more secrecy? Chinese or US?

It is obvious Trump treated Coronavirus cases in US like almost nothing until mid-February. He mentioned even like “Corona Outbreak is in China. It is not coming to US. We do not need to worry about it.” He treated Corona Outbreak like the problems in some other countries until the last minutes.

Let’s FIRE Trump!

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