Extra Copy: US Air Force Space Junk Shower Show in April 21~22?

Air Force Ends Continuous Bomber Presence in Guam


“The Air Force announced April 17 it will no longer base strategic bombers outside of the continental United States, marking an end to the service’s 16-year continuous bomber presence at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam.”

They just moved so many bombers one week ago into their Guam Base to prepare for the war against China and Russia. And now they removed all the bombers and moved them to the mainland US? What is going on?

One reason I can think about is Corona Outbreak in their Guam Base. Do you remember a big carrier Theodore Roosevelt got Corona Outbreak? More than 500 sailors infected, and one of them has died. If the Guam base has been so much contaminated with Coronavirus, they cannot operate anymore.

Another reason I can think about is they are expecting something big is going to happen in the mainland US, and they are preparing for it.

US Military has enemy outside of the Earth. Those enemies are NOT China nor Russia, but Galactic Federation of Light (GFL).

GFL is targeting US as a dangerous Reptilian Hot Spot. Since 2011, GFL has been cleaning up the most of Reptilian Secret Underground Bases where US Military is sharing and defending.

In April 21~22, AGAIN, US Air Force will fight against those ships from GFL in Low Earth Orbit (LEO)! Then you can see US Air Force flying machines in LEO are going to be small pieces of SPACE JUNKS! You can see it from tonight!

Meteor Shower = US Air Force’s Space Junks Shower

Meteor Shower April 21-22: Around 15~20 Meteors per hour are expected


They (US Military Cyber Force) erased this article! I am sure my guess is the truth. That’s why they erased this article.

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