Reptilian Controlled BIG PHARMA is making big PROFIT out of Pandemic

In order to treat Corona infected patients, hospitals and doctors are manipulated by BIG PHARMA.

More people are dying with wrong and fake medical procedures than Corona infection itself.

First, they use ventilator to give pressure too much to lungs of patients. That can destroy patients’ lungs. Not only that, they use the drug for inducing coma so that patients can stay still while using the ventilators.

This drug to induce coma might also induce blood clots. Patients are kept with induced coma and cannot move at all. That can create blood circulation problem and create blood clots.

It will never be reported, but there are many dangerous wrong procedures for Corona infections used by hospitals and doctors.

Some doctors prescribe drugs that can make your heart stopped.

Some doctors are using dangerous drugs with high toxins with strong side effects.

More people died because of the high pressures to their lungs by using ventilators than infection itself.

We should never trust hospitals and doctors with “white coats”. Reptilians use “white coats'” as medical Matrix. People are brainwashed that they can trust people wearing “white coats”. Medical Matrix is a FAKE reality Reptilian agencies are creating. Mandatory (poisoned) vaccinations are, of course, the important part of their Madical Matrix.

Remember all those medical procedures, medicines and vaccines are used for the part of their agenda, Human Depopulation.

Just trust your self-healing power within your body. Practice “What you eat is what you are”.

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