Reptilian Pro-Gun Groups are Organizing Protests

NBC analyzed and found those protests are organized by Pro-Gun Groups.

Look! How many SNAKE flags you can see in the protest.

Those Yellow Snake Flag represent the Power of Reptilians, Serpents. They (about 10 ~15% of population on the Earth) infiltrate the society and keep making chaos.

Family-Run? Those families are Reptilian families just like Rothschild, Rockefeller, and Bush family. They are really powerful family to keep creating chaos on Earth.

Those Reptilian agencies and groups are fermenting people’s fear and spreading PROPAGANDA.

Remember! Any kind of large protests are organized by those Reptilian agencies (such as CIA) and groups. Their aim is to create chaos on Earth.

What is a war? Rothschild funded both sides of all the modern wars including WWI and WWII.

Related Video:

Reptilian Protester with claws

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