Pesticide Ingredient, Sorbitan monostearate is added to a packet of yeast for Depopulation Agenda

I’ve been baking for years, and I know this Sorbitan monostearate has been added recent years for Illuminati Agenda of Human Depopulation.

Recent years, we cannot find pure yeast without Sorbitan monostearate unless we go to some organic health store such as Farmers Sprouts or Whole Foods.

The packets of yeast with Sorbitan monostearate is less than a dollar. But the packets of yeast without Sorbitan monostearate is about $4. Yes, if we want without Sorbitan monostearate, we have to pay 4 times more.

Several days ago, I wanted to experiment with yeast with Sorbitan monostearate. At that time, I did not know what Sorbitan monostearate was. I thought Sorbitan monostearate was not so poisonous.

When I made my dough with yeast & Sorbitan monostearate, my dough did NOT have heat (when yeast become activated and multiply, they make some heat). In addition, my dough became really hard like soft plastic. Therefore, I felt I had better check what Sorbitan monostearate was before I consume that strange dough. And I’ve found Sorbitan monostearate is pure POISON!

It is also employed to create synthetic fibers, metal machining fluid, and brighteners in the leather industry, and as an emulsifier in coatings, pesticides, and various applications in the plasticsfood and cosmetics industries. 

Sorbitan monostearate is pure POISON nothing to do with baking! My dough was NOT fermented at all and became really hard like soft plastic! Of course, I threw that dough away! I don’t want to consume Sorbitan monostearate, the poison might harm our organs especially liver.

Long-term toxicity study of sorbitan monostearate (Span 60) in mice

Both male and female mice receiving 4·0% Span 60 showed enlargement of the kidneys and a higher incidence of nephrosis compared with controls.

We can make our own yeast! Very Easy!

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