Fatality Rate shot UP after Trump forced Human Experiment with Hydrochloroquine in VA Hospitals

Trump ordered to experiment Anti-Malaria durg Hydrochloroquine on Veterans in VA Hospitals.

That Human Experiment was complete Disaster!

More Veterans died with Hydrochloroquine than those without it. Basically, those Veterans were killed by the Human Experiment with Hydrochloroquine.

Veterans were used like test animals such as mice in a biolab.


You might not able to see it well. So Veterans Affair including Veterans Hospitals reported 6.3% Fatality Rate that is much higher than some other locations or categories.

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Trump’s Human Experiment: Veterans are used as Biolab Testing MICE to find out “Hydrochloroquine killed more Veterans than cured.”


Trump has been blamed for his Human Experiments in VA Hospital by using hydroxychloroquine and killed many Veterans


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