More than 800 Meat Processing Workers infected with Coronavirus in Smithfield Pork Plant

Smithfield Foods sued over working conditions in Missouri during coronavirus

There are many news about Corona Outbreaks in the most of meat processing plants in US. But Pilgrim’s, a huge chicken meat plant in Russellville Alabama does not have Corona Outbreak???

The Stats of Alabama Department of Health shows unbelievable (FAKE) number of Corona infection in the county with that chicken meat processing plant.

Only 25 confirmed cases in the whole county? This number should be really FAKE!

The working condition in this chicken meat processing plant is the WORST in US. Those employees are prohibited to go to a toilet so that the line of meat processing does not need to be disturbed. Those workers are forced to wear diapers to pee.

I am sure that they have Corona Outbreak, but they are hiding! Pilgrim’s and their (Frankline) county are hiding and lying about the real number of Corona infection.

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