Coronavirus Transmission Map & How Coronavirus is changing its strain

The following image is Phylogeny of Coronavirus. This is similar to ancestry trees of Coronavirus. This phylogeny can show how Coronavirus has been changed to different strains.

On December 17 when Corona Pandemic has started in Wuhan, China, Coronavirus had B & B1 strains (Yellow and Orange). But after January 15 this year, strains of A group (A1~A7 Green & Blue) has started appearing. It looks like these Coronavirus with strain A group has become major strains after that.

Now, we look at the Coronavirus Transmission Map.

First, Coronavirus Outbreak started in Wuhan China. From China, Corona spread to Thailand.

But look! Australia also has red dot (Coronavirus with strain B4) about the same time as China’s Pandemic had started. And this Coronavirus appeared in Australia was NOT related to China’s Corona Pandemic!

Taiwan had also Coronavirus with strain B before Corona spread from China to Taiwan.

Coronavirus is spreading from China. But also Australia is playing quite big role to spread virus.

Coronavirus Outbreak in China started with B group strains (yellow & red). But at this point, Coronavirus with A group strains (green & blue) is going to appear.

I want you to look FROM where Coronavirus with A strain had come to Italy. Italy got Coronavirus from Australia first, NOT from China!

At the end of January, still yellow color (Coronavirus with stain B) was dominant. But now, blue color (Coronavirus with strain A) is getting more dominant.

From here, Britain plays a big role to spread Corona with A strain toward US and Canada.

While Pandemic in China had subsided, Coronavirus with A strains (Blue) started become more dominant.

After February, Coronavirus with strain A (Blue) transmissions were mainly back and forth between Europe and US.

At this point, China was nothing to do with Coronavirus transmission in the world. Only US, Europe and Australia were the main players to spread Coronavirus with strain A (Blue).

In the conclusion, US and some other countries cannot blame only on Chinese Government because those countries should have prevented getting virus from some other countries such as Europe, US and Australia. After February, Europe, US and Australia are playing ping pong with Coronavirus without closing doors to those countries.

They should blame themselves not acting fast enough, not closing their boarders fast enough. They were focusing too much on China. But the most of virus transmissions occurred among Europe, US and Australia after the end of January.

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