Trump orders “Defense Production Act” to keep OPEN all the MEAT PLANTS amid Corona Outbreak

Trump and other Cannibal Reptilians define all kinds of meat are necessity.

It sounds really ridiculous to me as a Vegetarian ( almost a Vegan). My family have not eaten animal meat for nearly a decade. We feel more healthy than eating animal products.

Even our dogs eat Vegan kibbles, and they are healthier than eating animal products.

But I understand we have another Cannibal species called Reptilians or Elites on Earth. They even eat human children. Yes, human children are their food.

Those Cannibals have a big BBQ grill in front of their house. It is easy to recognize. My neighbor, a game warden, eats ONLY meat. He often cooks meat (I don’t know what kind of meat he is cooking!) with his huge BBQ grill.

Those Cannibals belong to National Rifle Association. They are kind of part time militants getting trained by US Military. They are also the Right Wings, and they love Right Wing war mongering President Trump. Among those Cannibals, going war is very popular policy. They love killings (both killing humans and animals).

In the end, all the workers in the meat processing plants are going to be infected and become sick! This is not science. This is karmic effect. At certain point, all the meat plants are going to be shut down so that no animals are going to suffer anymore.

I tell you this Corona infection is used by GOD. All the soldiers in US Military will get infected and become sick whenever they want to invade some other countries. They have the plan to have WWIII with China and Russia. Their plan will be ruined by Coronavirus.

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