GILEAD Siences, Coronavirus Drug Remdesivir Manufacturer is owned by Bill Gates!

It comes with the form of IV, just like Chemotherapy (= Chemical Weapon Mustard Gas IV injection).

Chemotherapy = Injection of mustard gas

We can easily guess Remdesivir might be as dangerous as Chemotherapy!

I don’t see very much difference! It shorten only 4 days? All the stats they give us might be a lie!

Is this dramatic difference? I don’t think so. The difference is ONLY 3.6%. Again, their stats might be a lie! Reptilian Agencies create Medical Matrix by giving us the FAKE stats.

Now, lets investigate who owns the company Gilead Sciences producing Remdesivir.

Yes, Gilead is owned by Bill Gates!

This whole cycle (creation of virus, creation of drugs and creation of vaccines) of Coronavirus Pandemic is created by Bill Gates.

Bill Gates has the patent of Coronavirus. His Biolab Pirbright’s application for the Coronavirus patent states “We want to create vaccines for Coronavirus. That’s why we have create this Coronavirus.”

Coronavirus has been created and patented by Bill Gates.

The drug Remdesivir has been created by Bill Gates.

The Vaccines has been created (but pretending not developed yet) by Bill Gates.

Bill Gates is the one playing the Game of Pandemic!

Bill Gates is NOT a human. He is a Cannibal Reptilian who hates humans & who eats humans. His father side is the bloodline of Rockefeller. His mother side is the bloodline of Queen Elizabeth.

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