Reports Kim Jong-Un is dead

Chinese Foreign Minister said “He is dead!”

Kim Jong-Un is the bloodline of Japanese Emperor family. Japanese Emperor created North Korea just after WWII. Japanese Emperor family is NOT really Japanese. They have come from North Korea originally.

Trump had good relationship with Kim Jong-Un because they are the same group belong to Rothschild.

Kim Jong-Un went to Rothschild’s country Switzerland to study with his real mother who is also Japanese Emperor bloodline.

Trump has received $22 billion from Rothschild before the previous election.

North Korea dictators are ALL from Japanese Emperor bloodline. Next successor should also has Japanese Emperor bloodline.

What is strange is the most of news report “Kim Jong-Un is still alive.” And I could NOT allow to paste this Youtube video of “Reports Kim Jong-Un is dead | Nine News Australia”. Probably, Rothschild, the head of Illuminati does NOT want you to know his puppet Kim Jong-Un is dead.

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