Since Trump has taken over the White House, my blog (I used Google’s Blogger) in Japanese has been hijacked. Just after he was elected, my blog had not been accessible anymore. My password has been hijacked, and I cannot access my blog anymore.

Trump has been ANTI Internet. He is the advocate to remove Internet from people. He wants you to watch what he wants you to watch. He cannot control if you have Internet access and choose whatever you want to know the information Government does not want you to know.

One guy notified me that when he accessed my site, then “This site is dangerous. Block this site?” message appeared. What they are doing is information blockage.

Many of my comments on Youtube video were removed NOT by the owners of the video, but by Secret Government or US Military Cyber Force Trump created.

Reptilian World Government Illuminati is removing all the channels, videos, blogs and comments they don’t want you to see.

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