Israel is controlling the protesting over “Stay at home” order

Who has created the country Israel in the middle of WWII chaos? Of course, Rothschild! Rothschild was the one who funded the both sides of WWII. Now, Rothschild is funding Trump Administration and those protesters. Rothschild is the mastermind of “Divide and Conquer”!

Jews have been created by Reptilians from outer space in order to control humans on Earth. In ancient Sumer, they called themselves “Lulu”, the mixed race of Reptilians and Humans. Jews worship Reptilians as their GODs and control the Earth on behalf of Reptilians.

Of course, Serpents (Reptilians) are the ones who are controlling the world. They have the privilege to get FREE money from Government. Government has the secret AGREEMENT with them. They can also create own FAKE money by putting any digits they want into their bank accounts. They use those money to use humans as their slaves. Just don’t believe those Rich People have worked really hard to get those money. They’ve gotten those money for FREE!

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