US Government attempted to overturn Venezuelan Government by US Military Incursion, but failed!

I’ve been exposing how US Government controlling the world by creating chaos, secret incursions for overturning foreign Governments.

US Government can create even bioweapon such as Coronavirus and spread it to the world. US Government targeted China and attacked by spreading Coronavirus. US Government is the one who invested $3.8 million to Wuhan Institute of Virology where Anti-Chinese Government Jiang People’s group are operating.

If foreign Government is NOT US side, US Government always create or support Anti-Government group to create chaos and try to overturn Government in the countries.

This time, US Government wants Anti-President candidate to be a new president in Venezuela. In order to overturn the Venezuelan Government, US Government sent specially trained US military soldiers and veterans in order to kill Venezuelan President. And they are caught by Venezuelan Government!

During the incursion created by US Military, 8 people were killed.

3 US terrorists sent by US Government have been detained. Venezuelan Government also arrested more terrorists who have been trained in Colombia where US has been in control. US Government paid $200 million to train those terrorists in Colombia.

Trump Administration wanted to have opposition leader, Juan Guaido as Venezuelan President so that US can have full control of Venezuela.

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