“Watch Within the Next 24 hrs”

The majority of people are NOT ready to tap into the true reality.

So many people have invested themselves into Educational Matrix with deep programming. So many people have invested their effort, time and money into this Educational Matrix.

Let’s see how many years to be a medical doctor? How much is the tuition to be a medical doctor? Some of doctors might know all the medical procedures and medicines are completely wrong! They can make people sicker than cure. But because they themselves have invested so much effort, time and money, they cannot admit the real truth.

The tuition of the higher education is so expensive. Illuminati purposefully have made all the tuition so expensive. Once you have paid (or borrowed) that big money , once you have made so much effort and spent your time, you don’t want to give it up for the truth! You want to live in 3D because you have dedicated your life in the Educational System with Matrix (Illuminati created False Illusion).

But as long as you stick to the Matrix FAKE reality, you cannot set you free! You are their (FAKE) MONEY slave. Money is FAKE because all privileged Reptilians, who are managing this Money Matrix, can create FAKE money by putting any digits they want into their bank account! For them, money is FREE, not from hard work. Money is the tool to enslave humans.

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