The founder of Wuhan Institute of Virology has been granted asylum in US! Now, she’s hiding in US with thousand pages of secret documents

As I reported many times that Wuhan Institute of Virology (Virus Research Institute) has been funded by US Government since Obama Administration until the end of last month (April, 2020). More than $3.8 million tax payers money has been invested in this Chinese biolab where Anti Chinese Government group (Jiang Zemin group US Government is supporting) has been operating.

The founder of that biolab is Shi Zhengli. She has been studying the viruses in bats weather those viruses can transmit to humans. She is called “Bat Woman”.

According to Japanese news agency, she has escaped from China to France before Wuhan lockdown. She applied asylum to US Embassy in Paris. And now, She is in US with thousands of secret documents.

Of course, those documents should be secret within Illuminati World Government including US Government, but NOT FOR CHINESE GOVERNMENT. If those secret leak to Chinese Government, US Government will get BIG TROUBLE!

According to Wall Street Journal, she got doctor degree from Montpellier University in France. After that, she worked for Ausutralian Government disease control agency (ACDP) for 3 months. Her study was “SARS and bats”. Her focus was “How the viruses in bats can be manipulated so that biological weapon can be made out of them.” Even she wrote thesis about it.

Who paid for her study in many western countries? Of course, Illuminati World Government! She is the key person (privileged Reptilian) for this Corona Pandemic Agenda. 

US Government should be shamed for $3.8 million investment (tax payers money) to her biolab and hiding her in US! How come she could escape from Wuhan just before Pandemic? Chinese Government should have arrested her before that! I tell you those secret documents will never be disclosed by US Government.

Who is another founder of Wuhan Institute of Virology? Of course, Dr. Fauci! I have to say “Congratulation, Dr. Fauci! Your planned Corona Pandemic has been succeeded! You will be decorated by US Government and Illuminati World Government.”

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