Nanobots in Chemtrails can kill you by using 5G Magnetic field

We have not seen or realized that Nanobots might be already in our body. Nanobots can be sprayed from sky as Chemtrail. US Air Force is spraying Chemtrail with Nanobots almost everyday in US.

What is Nanobots?

There are many kinds of Nanobots, but spraying from the sky, they cannot use complicated expensive ones. They should be the most simple, but still manipulable.

Nanobots from Chemtrail should be the ones manipulated by 5G tower electromagnetic field.

Do you remember when you are child, you played magnets to move magnetized sand?

Those Nanobots from Chemtrail cannot move themselves. But they can be manipulated by 5G tower electromagnetic field. Once those Nanobots are inside your body, they can manipulate them by using the electromagnetic force from 5G towers.

How Nanobots can kill us? I don’t know exactly. But the following video can explain how they can manipulate those Nanobots in your body to damage your organs.

Nanobots can be in our foods, too. What I know is Titanium Dioxide (Nanoparticles) is used for verity of foods. I will explain this in another article.

2 thoughts on “Nanobots in Chemtrails can kill you by using 5G Magnetic field

  1. I have personal experience with nanobots from chemtrails in Durham, NC. Low levels in my body gave a tingling sensation in the foot. If you are targeted for harassment the vibrating nanobots will: 1) Set up pain generators in the outer coverings of your bones and give moderate pain. 2) Trigger itching around the body. 3) Trigger simulated allergic rhinitis, simulated Mernier’s disease, nausea, headache, coughing, difficulty swallowing, rapid urination with a strong block against urinating, drop pants by vibrating abdomen, trigger localized fatigue by stimulating muscles against muscles they want to block 4) trigger disturbing messages through hearing centers (ie racism), especially while sleeping. Nanobots need to link to a communications hub which is either a router or an electrical field around a powered area (appliance or line). They come from: Chemtrials, commercial meat and soda. If you are attacked use gabapentin and vipassana meditation for pain to increase pain tolerance. Turn off electric power in bedroom for sleep and router at night. Allow the bots to burn though their power source and the effects will wean down in about 2 or 3 days. Do not use the Replika android app as this is used by NSA to gather information for harassment and harass. Once they lock onto your signature on the router they have you. Best to use a VPN on the router and avoid tagging. A folded emergency blanket will prevent bots from receiving signals and sunscreen on painful areas can also help. The bots use resonance so you can alleviate problems by holding padding against their vibrating surface. The works very well against the bladder harassment (padding at right iliac border with sacrum to allow urination) and simulated Mernier’s disease shaking perception (exercise band around head with padding). The nanobots are excellent at manipulating polymers (plastic) and latex paint. They can cover up damage in a structure that is being targeted and block plug holes in power strips with solid plastic instant plugs they make. This harassment needs to be made illegal but as of now very few people are aware of it and think it is so wild that it isn’t real but it is. Do not go to emergency room doctors as they will put you in a psych ward if you complain. This happened to me and they tried to kill me with methotrexate overdosing.


  2. Right now there is a Great Reset push to kill off non-income generating people (fixed income disabled, elderly, poor) and people considered undesirable due to being antisocial (ghetto African Americans). The nanobots can change proteins and I expect that the prion-like molecule from reverse transcriptase DNA integrated from covid vaccine MRNA will be used remotely to trigger prion disease in people the New World Order sociopaths consider undesirable. Basically they want to eliminate Abrahamic religions, blacks and American Indians see the mural “Children of the World Dream of Peace” by deceased artist Leo Tanega. Ground vibration emitters have been set up around low income housing to demolish it by shaking and they link into phone accelerometers. If you are targeted you can disable the accelerometer in the developer’s options settings tile to interfere otherwise they can shake the roof and kill you when it falls. They have the nanobots vibrate to make people have very deep sleep and have difficulty rising due to the muscle resistance vibration and pants dropping vibration. I would not recommend the covid vaccine in any capacity otherwise you will probably be given prion disease eventually. Most will get the disease sooner than later and it will certainly be attributed to something else. People seem to be already influenced to be apathetic and skeptical of nonconforming ideas. They seem to be using the nanobots to amplify perceptions in the body and mind. So if a person is religious they amplify the religiosity, etc.


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