Agenda ID4D: Biometric Digital Economy by Micro-Needle array ID Chip

Bill Gates wants us to have Biometric ID by using Micro-Needle array ID Chip. This Micro-Needle array have “dissolvable microneedles” that can deliver light emitting microparticles (=Luciferase).

Once Luciferase has injected into skin, even though invisible to the eyes, the information has been scanned.

This can be a patch. Put on your skin and press lightly.

Bill Gates as a leader of Illuminati, he wants to use this biometric ID to start the cryptocurrency system without cash. Therefore, only people who have this biometric tattoo ID can buy things or get paid.

Is it coincidence that you can start hearing about Basic Income System? Without working, you can get certain money from Government. Therefore, people are willing to get this biometric tattoo ID in order to get free money. This ID also can be used for all the systems include education, health, food stamps, taxation, voting etc. This ID System can be integrated with even Space Agency! (So that outer space Reptilians can control you!)

With this biometric ID System, Government can monitor and analyze your every movement and transaction in real time.

This liquid style implant chip called Luciferase is the real satanic 666 implant into your body. This agenda has been planned for more than decades. This is the dream agenda for Reptilian Illuminati in order to control your body and mind. Even they can terminate your body (=death) by this device.

For Illuminati Reptilians including Bill Gates, Rockefeller, Rothschild and some other Royal families all over the world, the growing human population is their threat. As their foods and slaves, they only need 5% of human population. They want to reduce the rest of 95% of world population by wars, FAKE medial system (including toxic vaccines) and POISONED foods.

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