Toxic Air from Collapsed Reptilian Secret Underground Base in Nevada contaminated California/Nevada border

After M6.5 Quake in Nevada on May 19, toxic fume came out from the affected area and contaminated the air around California/Nevada border.

Some people are saying this is because of old volcanic area is disturbed. But myself, this fume came out from the collapsed Reptilian Secret Underground Base around there.

There are major military bases hear that area. Wherever US Military base, there are Reptilian Secret Underground Bases. Yes, US Military is part of Reptilian Military, and US Military bases are part of Reptilian Secret Underground Bases.

The Earth is the last stronghold of Reptilians. Reptilians are controlling the world including US and US Government.

Galactic Federation of Light has been cleaning up the most of Reptilian Secret Underground Bases on the Earth since 2011.

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