Trump Glorifying shooting & killing. He ordered Police to arrest CNN reporters.

Trump justify shooting and killing looters. I really hate all these gun violence lovers, the members of NRA (National Rifle Association). Of course, Trump is the high class member of NRA. Trump is the protector of gun ownership and gun violence.

Of course, looting is terrible act. But still those looters do not deserve to be killed.

But I tell you both side the organized looters and the organized shooters including police & military are paid by the same organization, Illuminati. This violent protest has been organized by CIA and US Military. Those looters are kind of actors sent by Reptilian Organization such as US Military. Of course, those acting looters are paid, and they know they will never be arrested because this is the organized event created by Illuminati. But if an individual participate in this looting, of course, this individual is going to be arrested.

What they want to create is Internal War, Government VS People. This is the planned chaos, and they hope this chaos will spread all over the US. Then Government can round up people for even fake charges. For example, all bystanders are going to be arrested including media reporters.

CNN reporters are arrested in that violent protest for NO REASON. Is this revenge from Trump? Trump hates CNN.

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