Looters in Minneapolis are paid & trained special force from US Military

They know how to make Molotov cocktail. Only specially trained agents know it.

There was no police nor military. Basically, Government let those people (=agents. You can say they are crisis actors.) demolish the city.

Government can gather hundreds of young people from military organizations in order to create “Anarchy Theater”.

Then I found a Reptilian guy with shape-shifted hand. Look at his left hand. It’s a creepy Reptilian hand.

This guy is well equipped with a helmet.

Look at this guy! How he throw is really professional. Probably, in US military, he was trained how to throw.

Around Minneapolis, there are so many military organizations. It is easy to organize the mob to create chaos.

What is the objective for Government to create anarchy destruction? Of course, Government wants to create “Government VS People” condition so that Government can arrest people and send them to FEMA Camp. By this artificially created chaos, Government can get more power to suppress people.

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