Trump admits his administration is Fascism, Military Government

In his speech in NASA, he had admitted Trump Administration is Fascism Military Government.

Trump said “Violence and vandalism is being led by ANTIFA (Anti-Fascism) and other radical Left-Wing.”

So what he wanted say is “Violence and vandalism is being led by Anti-Trump group.” Anti-Fascism group is doing this. That means he suggested his administration is Fascism Military Order Government.

What is Fascism? Fascism represents the order by Military, Military Government. The most notorious Fascism is Nazi led by Hitler in Germany during WWII.

This riot has been planned by US Government CIA and US military. All the mob making molotov cocktails and throwing to buildings are all trained by US Military. What is the object by making riot? Of course, they like to make “Government VS People” condition so that Trump Fascism Government can create more tight suppression over people. They might have plan to send people to FEMA camps. All the people criticizing Trump will also be sent to FEMA camps. Trump is playing exactly Hitler in Nazi, a military dictator in US.

In his speech, Trump said “Now, we need security, not Anarchy.” What is more scary? Government security? Or Anarchy? My son answered “Government security.” My son knows “We cannot trust Government, especially Trump Fascism Government.”

Extreme-Right-Wing like Trump Administration and Military organizations are hand in hand. If you love Trump, you should love Military Order.

This riot has been created just before Presidential election, purposefully to manipulate people’s mind. When we have chaos, people have tendency to choose “Strong (=Military) Government” to suppress riots and Anarchism.

Reptilian Government is the mind manipulator. By spreading their bioweapon Coronavirus, they have the reason to give you DNA generically modifying vaccines to make you Zombie without will and emotion. By spreading riots and fear, Republican Fascism Government to be re-elected.

In his speech, Trump emphasize “Radical Left-Wing” is doing riot. But actually, “Radical Right-Wing” trained by US Military is doing riot and destruction.

What Trump Fascism Administration wants is Strong Security Society guarded by Strong Police and Strong Military. His Government will give more power to those police and military in US so that they can manage us by force.

In his speech, Trump emphasizes “Democracy” and “Rule of Law”. But in Fascism, Military Order, there is NO Democracy nor Rule of Law. If you see Nazi Fascism during WWII, you cannot see Democracy nor Rue of Law. Fascism is the opposite word to Democracy.

Trump also emphasizes, by Fascism, you can have safe place to live and work. But if you see the history of Nazi Fascism, Fascism is the most dangerous society to live and work.

In his speech “We will protect people who need security.” Do you want Fascism security for your family? Fascism security is the most scary thing in the world. Your family’s life is on the edge of Military Order.

Reptilian driving Jeep hit protesters on purpose. Look at those people on Jeep. They look really shape-shifted to Reptilians. They don’t look human at all. They have also Trump2020 Flag! Trump Fascism Government is created by Reptilians and is for Reptilians.

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