GAMMA RAY BURST (Solar Flash) might happen on July 4th, Independence Day

On coming July 4th, all the planets in Solar System (except for Uranus and Neptune) will almost line up on one side of our Sun. All the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will line up. This Event is once in tens of thousands of years.

Solar System has been taken over by Reptilian Dark Forces tens of thousands years ago. Galactic Federation of Light has been waiting for a good chance to clean up and zap all the Reptilians in Solar System. Our Earth is the last stronghold for Reptilians.

This is the excellent chance for Galactic Federation of Light to zap all the planets lined up at once! Solar Flash, gamma-ray burst from the Sun is the best way to zap them at once.

The End is always the new beginning. This Event will be also Ascension. All the people on Earth will be sorted out by their spiritual levels and sent to the final destinations (different dimensions). People (only few percent of whole population) who can graduate 3D world and will be sent to 5D. But the most of people have to remain in 3D or even lower dimension depend on their karma.

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