US Army “Project Inclusion” says wearing MAGA hat is racism

Army Pulls Handout Listing ‘MAGA’ as a Sign of White Supremacist Sympathies

The Army has pulled a handout meant to promote meetings on diversity in the ranks that lists President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan as a possible indicator of covert white supremacist sympathies.

In a statement late Wednesday, the Army said that the flyer distributed to troops and contractors at Redstone Arsenal in Alabama was sent out in error, and an Article 15-6 fact-finding investigation had begun to determine how it happened.

The material was meant to promote meetings at Redstone Arsenal as part of the Army’s “Project Inclusion,” an effort by Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy and Army Chief of Staff Gen. Joseph McConville “to improve diversity, equity and inclusion across the force and build cohesive teams.”

Under the heading as indicators of “Overt White Supremacy,” the pyramid listed “swastikas,” “hate crimes,” “The N-word,” “Burning Crosses” and “Racial Jokes.”

The flyer then said “convert white supremacy” [sic] was suggested by “Make American Great Again;” “Eurocentric Curriculum;” “English-Only Initiatives;” “Bootstrap Theory;” “All Lives Matter;” and such sayings as, “Don’t Blame Me. I Never Owned Slaves.”

In its statement, the Army did not address how the July 6 handout was put together, but said that it included two unapproved pages and was quickly recalled.

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