Trump keeps attacking Dr Fauci in order to cover up his mistakes to fight against Coronavirus

Trump said on his rally in South Carolina “Coronavirus is HOAX. We have lost NOBODY to Coronavirus. NOBODY.”

Now, Trump’s approval rating for Coronavirus strategies have dropped to 25%. In order to lift this approval rating and popularity, Trump has started blaming and discrediting Dr. Fauci who has been talking about Coronavirus honestly from the scientist point.

What Trump likes to do is blaming Dr Fauci for the failure of Trump’s policies on Coronavirus, and getting away from his responsibilities to admit all his policies are failure.

Trump also trys to raise his approval rating by discrediting Dr. Fauci. Trump wants to say “I was right, and he was wrong.”

Trump kicked out Dr. Fauci from Corona Task Force so that he cannot talk anymore. Whenever Dr. Fauci talks, his talk always contradicts to what Trump says. Trump hopes Dr. Fauci will not talk on media very much so that Dr. Fauci will not drop Trump’s approval rating on Coronavirus.

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