Trump sent an assassin to Judge Esther Salas’s home

Judge Esther Salas has been working for Epstein case, high profile case with prominent child molester ring with Prince Andrew and Trump as suspects.

Trump has been very close relationship with Epstein and his girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell who recruited many girls for that pedophile ring. When Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested, Trump said “I wish she is well because I saw her numerous times!”

Trump was really afraid his child molesting activities can be disclosed by this trial and Judge Esther Salas. That’s why he sent an assassin to her home in order to kill her. But she was in basement when it happened. She was not harmed. God protected her. She still has her mission to finish to disclose Epstein pedophile case.

Trump mafia sent many agents to succeed her assassination. Some of them watched the neighborhood in order to make sure there was no witness. It was possible that not only one gun man but also 2~3 gunmen to search her to kill. Trump mafia work as a team.

Trump is the top of US mafia including FBI, local police, National Rifle Association and Military Industrial Complex. If you think about Trump is operating gang infested casinos all over this country, it is easy for you to think he is the top of US mafia.

An anti-feminist lawyer killed her? Then he shot himself in his car? That is the FAKE set up to end this case. Trump mafia knows how to do their staging job so that they can end this case by staging self-inflicted guy in a car with the parcel with Judge Esther Salas’ name on it. Of course, Trump mafia killed anti-feminist lawyer in his car, and planted that parcel created by Trump mafia. Then FBI that is part of Trump mafia saying “The case is closed!”

2 month ago? The same kind of assassination happened to a Chinese professor Bing Liu who almost have found a cure for Corona infection. He was a professor of University of Pittsburgh. He was shot 5 times, his head, throat, heart and more. The assassin was ordered to terminate his life completely by those 5 gun shots.

Why he was killed? Trump needs to vaccinate every Americans for Illuminati Depopulation Agenda. If cure is found, his agenda and Big Pharma profits will disappear. That’s why Bing Liu had to be killed so that no more cure for Corona infection. Then Trump’s vaccine agenda can be going on. Big Pharma can earn huge profit from producing TOXIC vaccines.

What is common for these 2 cases? The answer is those 2 cases were staged up as murder-suicide cases. Those FAKE and STAGED killers were shot to death in their cars. In addition, the relationship between those murder-suicide suspects and victims are NOT clear at all! This is the trend for assassinations planned by Trump Administration.

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