Pompeo: Most of Chinese in US are here to steal intellectual properties

Trump Administration is campaigning “The most of Chinese here in US are criminals.” This misleading speech can fuel the hatred against all Asians in US.

Basically, Pompeo is saying “If you see Asians, they are all spies.” To the most of American, Asians are Chinese. They don’t care Japanese, Korean, Indonesians. Because of Pompeo’s speech, the hatred against Asians will escalate in US.

Unfortunately, the most of American love wars & atrocities because they have never experienced war in US. Wars involving US Military happened somewhere else. That’s why they feel excited to see what is happening in some other countries.

War is popular policy for unpopular Presidents. Trump knows he can raise approval rating by creating a war on China. Unfortunately, there are so many blood thirsty people in US who love wars and atrocity.

By creating war, they can make this world super low vibration condition that makes ascension difficult. What they like to do is to create chaos and postpone ascension.

I am sure Trump cannot win in next Presidential Election. Trump’s aim is to mess up the world with a big war on China and possibly WWIII so that he can continue to be a wartime president.

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