North Carolina M5.1 Quake: Reptilian Underground Base has been destroyed and collapsed

This is the first time I saw a big quake in North Carolina. When I saw it, I thought “North Carolina? Not North California?”

Yesterday, I was off. I missed the opportunity to see seismograph for this quake. Fortunately, I’ve found them on MrMBB33 Youtube Channel video.

It looks like EXPLOSION rather than a quake. The following seismograph is a typical explosion seismograph. There is no P waves.

My best guess is the Reptilian Secret Underground Base has been destroyed and collapsed by Galactic Federation of Light.

The Moment Tensor showing affected area has been sunk from Northwest to Southeast.

In 2011, there were some big quakes more than M6.0 where big quake possibility is the least in US such as near Washington DC and near Colorado Springs. Many people suspected Reptilian Secret Underground Bases have been destroyed by Galactic Federation of Light. Benjamin Fulford, Illuminati insider, reported their secret underground bases had been destroyed.

Now, lets look where is the epicenter of this quake in North Carolina.

The epicenter is located near several parks such as Stone Mountain Park, Recreation Area, Wildlife area and New River State Park. Those area has Reptilian Secret Underground Base.

All State parks and National Park & National Forest are militarized area with Reptilian Secret Underground Bases underneath them. Those area have tall watch towers, shooting ranges and even bombing range (Ocala National Forest). Park Rangers have much more militarized gears than city police with automatic rifles and bullet proof vest in order to protect Reptilian Secret Underground Bases underneath them.

Dutchsinse said this was ordinarily quake right on the edge of Continental Craton. But those area might have lots of caves, and it is easy for Reptilians to make their underground nests. They also love to have their underground nests around volcanic area where there are many caves.

Let’s see one of the parks, Stone Mountain State Park.

It looks very similar to Stone Mountain near Atlanta, GA. When I visited Stone Mountain, there was a museum explains these granite rocks formed by volcanic activity, and there is a huge cave underneath it. But I could not find any cave entrances toward Stone Mountain near Atlanta. That huge cave with Reptilian Secret Underground Base underneath of Stone Mountain has been hid by Government.

David Paulides of Missing 411 (Documentary of missing children in State & National parks) said where there are granite rocks are the places many children and youths are missing. He also said where have the name “Devil’s” “Diablo” and “Hell’s” are the places lots of children are missing.

US Government has Greada Treaty with Reptilians who originally came from Orion, Hydra, Draco and SiriusB, “US Goernment will supply abducted children for cannibal Reptilians in exchange for military technologies from Reptilians.”

US Military has special child abduction forces. Those abducting agents can get $6000 bonus per child abduction paid by US Government.

For US Government, we, humans are their cattle. Do you know USDA (US Department of Agriculture) is the one who issues Food Stamps? It’s because we are their cattle, agricultural products.

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