Top Officials in Arms Control in UN said “The risk of Nuclear Weapon use is getting higher”

Recently, Russian President Putin introduced Hypersonic Nuclear Missiles to the world. Now, US is trying to catch up.

Tension between US & China and US & Russia are getting higher.

It is possible US and some other countries have to learn in hard way by getting experience of Nuclear destruction.

To the most people in US, wars only occur in some other countries. People excite when a war erupts. They love to see destruction in some other countries. “Bring popcorn and beer to enjoy seeing destruction!” A war is another kind of sport event for them.

People in US are really proud of dropping 2 atomic bombs in Japan. As long as nuclear destruction is outside of US, they love it!

But this kind of attitude attracts Karma Lessons. If the war on China or on Russia triggered, the next nuclear destruction might happen in US. Just think about Russian created hypersonic missiles. “hypersonic” means the military radars in US might not catch those nuclear missiles on their radar.

Just like boomerang, the karma of slaughtering people by atomic bombs can come back to people in US for their lessons to be learned. Then People in US will be the ones who tell the world how nuclear devastation is terrible (just like people in Hiroshima & Nagasaki).

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