Ammunition Factory Explodes Near Khartoum, Sudan – Aug. 14, 2020

Do you realize the difference between this ammunition factory explosion and the explosion in Beirut?

The explosion in Beirut had supersonic explosion, but this ammunition factory explosion did NOT have supersonic explosion.

This is the proof that the explosion in Beirut had different kind of weapon had been used such as modern nuclear weapon. Recently, nuclear weapons have become more compact. They have tiny nuclear weapons even you can carry in suitcase. But those compact nuclear weapons are as effective as atomic bombs dropped in Nagasaki & Hiroshima.

The points we should know about Beirut Explosion

1. Few hours before the explosion, there was maintenance to set up the explosion.

2. A man working in the Port of Beirut called his family saying “I’m OK. 2 planes hit that warehouse!” before his death.

3. A sergeant of Marine Corps was working as a special agent died by the explosion. Marine Corps is now investigating how he died. That can suggest US Military is the one to set up the explosion.

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