Christian Pastor had been notified by Illuminati when the Beirut EXPLOSION would have happened

Reptilian Christian Pastor had been notified when the EXPLOSION in Lebanon would have happened! (by Illuminati)

They had a congregation in their church in that day. The pastor, who knew the Explosion would happen in that day, forced people to leave much earlier than normal time. He and Christian Church is now advertising “Look! if you are Christian, God can let you know everything and protect you!” But reality is that Illuminati, where this pastor belongs, let him know about this EXPLOSION agenda, and he knew what would happen in that day.

All Reptilians have the privilege to know their agendas. Before their plans are executed, they are notified by Illuminati, Reptilian World Government.

All the Reptilians were notified about Giant Tsunami in Japan in 2011 3 days before the Tsunami coming. The executive of the biggest Buddhist Cult in Japan told me she had been notified about a huge tsunami coming 3 days before the tsunami. She said “I knew that tsunami was coming because I received a phone call about tsunami 3 days before the tsunami came.”

All the Reptilian agents were the best places to take a video about tsunami. They were waiting for tsunami in the best location so that they could take a good video.

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