5 dead, 97 missing in California Wildfire



Solano county administrator’s house has been burnt! He had $200,000 brand new boat also had been burnt. He had luxurious house with swimming pool on the top of the hill.


His property has been burnt down, but trees beside his property are completely intact!

Those Reptilians have lavish life! They can get whatever they want because they can create FAKE money out of thin air, or get FREE money from Government! Illuminati insider Benjamin Fulford openly telling us “They can make FAKE money out of thin air!” Reptilian entity Illuminati is using those FAKE money to keep us MONEY SLAVES! I hope Galactic Federation of Light will burn more Reptilians’ properties as many as possible!

Those Reptilians should not have any regret! They have enjoyed so much living on the Earth, and they have been using human as their slave for many centuries. They have life like a king! For them, the Earth is their paradise where they can get whatever they want.

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