-3.3km depth M3.3 Quake in Wyoming

-3.3km depth M3.3 quake? Is this a mistake or a strange coincidence?

-3.3km depth means the epicenter is up in the sky? The epicenter location, Granger, Wyoming has altitude about 2.0km. Still 1.3km high means up in the sky. There is NO faults or plates crashing in the up in the sky. That means this quake was caused by the mid air explosion! Galactic Federation of Light blasted their Direct Energy Weapon over the location.


The epicenter on Google Map


The epicenter is next to quarries. Mines and quarries are the construction sites and main entrances of Reptilian Secret Underground Bases. They can dispose and utilize all the dirt coming out of their digging underground bases.

The lake we can see on the map is tailing reservoir of Texasgulf. Tailing ponds and tailing reservoirs are the places to hold all the underground water from their digging operations.

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