Agent from Space Force is watching me

An agent parked his car right next my car. When he came out of his car, I saw he was wearing Space Force T-shirt.

When I was shopping in Lowe’s, he was passing by me 3 times. I called him “Are you from Space Force?” He answered “No!”. I said “But you are wearing Space Force shirt!” He said “This is just a funny T-shirt” Then I said “Then you must love Space Force!” But what he answered was surprise me. He said “No!”

Isn’t it strange a guy wearing Space Force T-shirt even though he does NOT like Space Force? Then I saw this article about uniform of Space Force.

Space Force Now Has an Official Uniform

Can you see he has the assigned unit patch on his shoulder on his uniform?

The agent’s Space Force T-shirt has this “assigned unit patch”. Yes, he was from Space Force and wearing Space Force uniform.

There is NO conincidence that the agent parked his car just next to my car and walking around me. So it looks like Space Force is watching me as a ground crew of Galactic Federation of Light, the enemy of Space Force owned and operated by Reptilians.

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