St. Louis: Reptilian Secret Underground City is collapsing

Dutchsinse is reporting St. Louis underground city is collapsing! Recently, many buildings collapsed because those underground space collapsed.

This section starts @40:30.

The basement floor collapsed in those collapsed buildings. There are caves and underground bunkers underneath them.

He connected those 3 collapsed buildings on Google Map. Those places are connected by the underground city tunnels?

I’ve researched myself about recent collapsed buildings in St. Louis.

There are many building collapsing incidences in St. Louis. Those collapses might be caused by the collapse of the Reptilian Secret Underground cave city and tunnels. Who is collapsing their underground city? Of course, Galactic Federation of Light.

What is very interesting is about Lemp Brewery, one of the collapsed buildings recently. Lemp Brewery buildings and mansion are connected to Reptilian Underground City.

First, let’s explore about creepy Reptilian Lemp family who came from Germany.

The brewery is built upon a complex of natural caves which were once used for the lagering of beer by early German brewers. Caves are naturally cool, which was especially attractive to brewers before the advent of refrigeration. Several breweries were built atop these natural caves, which were altered to suit their purposes. Stone arches and brick ceilings prevented water seepage and uneven cave floors were paved with brick. In addition to being used for the storage and lagering of beer, such naturally cool places were sometimes employed as beer gardens, places for entertainment.

The Lemp Brewery consists of 27 buildings on a 13.7-acre (55,000 m2) pie-shaped site bounded by Cherokee Street on the north, Lemp Avenue on the west, and South Broadway on the southeast. The first brewhouse was constructed in 1865. When it was constructed by the Lemp Family, the Lemp Mansion, included a tunnel through the natural cave system leading to the Lemp Brewery. The Lemp Family would use this tunnel to go to work.

The Lemp Family
The demise of the Lemp empire is one of the great mercantile mysteries of St. Louis. The first major fissure in the Lemp dynasty occurred when Frederick Lemp, William’s favorite son and the heir apparent to the brewery presidency, died under mysterious circumstances in 1901. Three years later, William J. Lemp shot himself in the head in a bedroom at the family mansion, apparently still grieving the loss of his beloved Frederick. William J. Lemp, Jr. succeeded his father as president.

Tragedy continued to stalk the Lemps with startling ardor. The brewery’s fortunes continued to decline until Prohibition (1919) closed the plant permanently. William Jr.’s sister Elsa, who was considered the wealthiest heiress in St. Louis, committed suicide in 1920. On June 28, 1922, the magnificent Lemp brewery, which had once been valued at $7 million and covered ten city blocks, was sold at auction to International Shoe Co. for $588,500. Although most of the company’s assets were liquidated, the Lemps continued to have an almost morbid attachment for the family mansion. After presiding over the sale of the brewery, William J. Lemp, Jr. shot himself in the same building where his father died eighteen years earlier. His son, William Lemp III, was forty-two when he died of a heart attack in 1943. William Jr.’s brother, Charles, continued to reside at the house after his brother’s suicide. An extremely bitter man, Charles led a reclusive existence until he too died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The body was discovered by his brother, Edwin.

In 1970, Edwin Lemp died of natural causes at the age of ninety.

What caused their demise? Many family members committed suicide. I believe they were killed rather than committed suicide. The most of suicides are actually homicides staged as suicides. In the Reptilian world, there are many competition and rivals. Their world is to kill or to be killed. So in the end, rival Reptilians have taken over their business and assets.

There is Lemp Brewery Haunted House located underground beneath the brewery. I’ve checked some video and found out exactly I expected Reptilians secret underground compound with human torturing cambers.

This image is Reptilian from outer space (not hybrid Reptilians disguising as human you see everyday).

Torturing Chambers underneath of Lemp Brewery

Reptilians love human organs including heart and intestine to make human sausages.

Reptilian organization, Illuminati’s symbol “all seeing eye”

You had better not going to this underground haunted place because Reptilians can snatch you or your children from side or bottom of hidden places. Lighting is too dim and flashy. You cannot see well at all. This haunted house is a trap to get human children and youths for their consumption.

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