Reptilian Entity US Marshals making a staged abducted children release

Do you believe this news is true? I bet the most of people do. But I believe this ‘Operation Not Forgotten’ is planned and staged FAKE news.

In this timing, suddenly they have started releasing abducted children abducted by them. Why? It’s because of Presidential Election is near.

Recently, a reporter paid by Trump asked Trump in the press conference “Are you Quanon referring the hero who is fighting against Satanists abducting children?”. Trump answered “Isn’t it good thing, right?”

Then suddenly they have started ‘Operation Not Forgotten’ to release few of the children they abducted. Yes, this operation is planned and staged to show Trump is doing what Quanon is saying. But the truth is Trump is a Draco Reptilian who treat humans as his slaves and food.

US Government is a criminal organization abducting human children systematically. US Government has Greada Treaty with cannibal Reptilians who originally have come to the Earth from Orion, Hydra, Draco and SiriusB.

Greada Treaty is “US Government supply abducted children to cannibal Reptilians in exchange for military technologies.”

US Government has created a system to abduct children.

US Government has created a special child abduction forces in US Military. The agent can be paid $6000 per child abduction by US Government. This is called Military Abduction (MiliAb).

Another way to abduct children is using Child Protection Service. Child Protection Service agents might come to your house, and they can abduct your children. The reasons they can abduct your children can vary from parents’ heated arguments in front of children to luck of proper environment for children such as lack of furniture (desks or cribs). So basically, they can create any reasons to abduct your children. Again, those agents can get $6000 from US Government per a child abduction.

After Child Abduction Service abducts your children, you will never able to trace where they are or whether they still alive or not. Of course, those abducted children are taken to Reptilian Secret Underground Bases (US Military Secret Underground Bases) for Reptilians consumption or being kept as slave workers.

What we have to remember is US Government itself is a criminal organization. US Government is a part of Reptilian World Government Illuminati. US Government is working for Reptilian Hegemony. We should NEVER trust our Government operated by Reptilians.

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