Trump brings Police State with Police Brutality

The flag with a blue line represents Police State with police brutality.

Trump wants police to have absolute power in order to force people to obey their rules. This blue flag represents police can do whatever they want (kill or slaughter people) and get away from any charges.

Reptilians have tactics to create violence and chaos to create their order and rules for human slaves. For them, humans are their slaves and food.

Who have created all the riots in cities where have Democrat Mayors? Of course, Trump Administration has created those riots strategically in all the Democrat cities with local militants, police, military personnel, NRA members, KKK members, Freemason members etc. Yes, you can say these riots are assaults on Democrat cities. Trump admitted and said ONLY cities with Democratic Mayors have riots.

Reptilian entities use Problem – Reaction – Solution.


Reptilian entities called Government create riot in each city where has Democrat Mayor and destabilize the city. They tell people you have riots because stupid and weak Democrat Mayor you have.


People start being frightened those riots and looting created by Reptilian Republicans. People want to have more strong Government and Police.


Trump can give law enforcement more power to rule the world. Police gets more power and start killing more people. Finally, this country becomes Police State where law enforcement rules the world.

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