Secret Reptilian Undersea Base has been exploded!

“Showing as a heated area in the water several hundred degrees temp and then quickly going away.”

If this is volcanic or tectonic activity with moving magma, it will NOT go away quickly. That means undersea explosion happened in Oregon Coast.

I bet this heated area was created by the explosion of Reptilian Secret Undersea Base caused by Galactic Federation of Light.

In 2011, Salusa in Galactic Federation of Light communicated with me through telepathy communication. She said “We will start cleaning up all the Reptilian Secret Underground/Undersea bases on the Earth.” Just after that, Galactic Federation of Light got surprise attack from Reptilians. Salusa and members of Galactic Federation of Light got some intense and sweaty moment. Salusa did not tell me the details, but it looked some of their ships might have been damaged by Reptilian US Military attacks.

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