Trump hired rioters gathered outside of Portland mayor’s home demanding resignation

Trump suggested his administration have created all the riots strategically ONLY in the cities with Democrat mayors in order to kick out all the Democrat mayors.

With Trump, this country will be extreme chaos with strategically created riots.

Trump’s real aim is to create complete Police State with his Law & Order. It will be Trump’s dictatorship, and all the political enemies and ideological enemies will be rounded up and put into concentration camps called “FEMA camps”. Genetically modifiable vaccines will be forced by US Military.

But don’t worry. Galactic Federation of Light will prevent his dictatorship. Genetically modifiable vaccines production will be prevented by destroying those factories. Before Trump can create chaos and destruction, series of big natural disasters will strike the Earth. Then Illuminati with Trump cannot do very much anymore.

These turmoil will be the precursor of the End of this Reptilian ruling world. The time will be accelerated. The waves of natural disasters will hit the Earth.

My guess is the next President will be Trump again. Trump & Reptilians do whatever they can to keep their power including assassinations and more blood baths. They try to utilize their weapons as much as possible. Violence and chaos are their only tactics.

But you have to know their weapons including guns and rifles are useless for all the light workers protected by Galactic Federation of Light. I’ve been targeted by the Reptilian Dark Force for years. I heard more than a thousand of shots, but a bullet can never penetrate my body because I have protection from Galactic Federation of Light. At least 2~3 fleet have been always over my head to protect me. Sometimes, I see hundreds over my sky. If I don’t have their protection, I’ve been dead for years.

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