GMO Human: Genetically Modifiable Shots is now Trial Phase

When people hear University of OXFORD, they trust because it is prestigious school. But all the universities and research facilities are part of Reptilian Illuminati World Government. I call this “Authority Matrix” because people are easily tricked by “Authority”. People don’t realize the real hidden agenda created by Illuminati.

“Vaccine, genetically modified virus will teach the immune system to generate COVID-19 antibodies.”

This is a LIE! They can lie to you, and they have been lying to you for centuries. CIA says “We lie thousands of times, and then our lie will be the truth.”

On this news, a Reptilian agent appears as pretending he lost many relatives to COVID-19. He is just an actor, just pretending. They use this tactics to make FAKE news with actors and actresses.

The real truth is they want to genetically modify all the humans to their robots without emotion and will. That’s why they have created Genetically Modifiable shots with MessengerRNA & CRISPR technology. After you get that shot (even not a vaccine), you will be their human slave robot.

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